About Cue-Tech

In the beginning...

The Cue-Tech Philosophy

Our Humble Beginnings ...

Although Cue-Tech itself has only been around since 1989, its history goes back another 5 years to the mid-1980's

In 1984, Randy Goettlicher founded the Academy of Billiards from which he ran the SouthWest Eightball League in the Dallas area. Having a number of league players interested in learning how to play pool, he offered classes to any who were interested.

Meanwhile, sometime during the late 1980's, Leslie Rogers began developing and testing his own instructional concepts - mainly out of frustration with inconsistencies and obscurities in much of the instructional materials on the market at that time.

In 1989, a chance meeting between Randy and Leslie sparked the idea of a dedicated instructional facility. Together with Daniel Beckman and Richard Lohr, Cue-Tech was founded and operations began.

After numerous trial runs with volunteer students, the Cue-Tech team developed a solid course format, and Cue-Tech opened to the public.

Cue-Tech continues to revise it's curriculum guided by suggestions from their students. Add to that the research that goes into modern teaching methods and information from specialists in many fields, each revision enhances the Cue-Tech Course.

Our Philosophy...

On Teaching

Teaching is about communication. The ability for an instructor to take an idea, concept or skill and communicate that to a student in a manner that he or she can understand. In light of this, Cue-Tech instructors endure a long Apprenticeship to train communication skills and general understanding of course content.

On Content

Cue-Tech believes in teaching proven principles (and experimenting with unproven ones ...). Much of the research for Cue-Tech material is done through discussions with Physicists, Psychologists, and Physiologists. Aside from meeting with various professionals, the Cue-Tech instructors enroll in classes with other pool schools to garner even more information. In addition to this, the input from students and concepts garnered from a plethora of written material help Cue-Tech to stay on the cutting edge of instruction.

On Students

Each individual has unique qualities of both mind and body. For this reason, Cue-Tech does not believe in teaching a "style". Instead, definitions have been established describing the goal of any given skill. These are then customized by the students to suit individual needs. This allows a student to learn more quickly since each aspect is guided by that persons own comfort.

On Instructors

The main goal of our instructors is to teach the student "how to learn how to play pool". A student that can continue to learn about this game long after leaving school is a player that will continue to advance his/her skill level.

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